Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Pudding

Mr Plum treated me to a copy of Delia's "Happy Christmas" ... so this weekend I made a Christmas pudding. I have never made a pudding before, and to be honest am not a huge fan of Christmas pud as I find it so rich...but felt that I needed to add one to my repertoire!!

This weekend my parents came to visit for our traditional Christmas night out (we are spending Christmas with my inlaws this year) so saw my parents to exchange gifts and go out for a lovely dinner and drinks in London town! I also was given some fab baking goodies by my mum and dad (I will be blogging about those soon!). My Dad gave me one of his Christmas Puds to take up to The Lakes for Christmas .... so I will probably be saving my pud until next year!


Rachel Cotterill said...

I love Christmas pudding - one of my favourite Christmastime foods. It should mature nicely if you save it for a year!

Kelly said...

Ha ha I think I would probably loose it in a year!!!

We have to wait such a long time to hear how it was xxx

Florence and Mary said...

From what you told me you had planned for your parents Christmas visit I’m sure you had fun!

Have you made it to F&M yet? I still haven’t been to Harrods yet, going to pop up there after work Tuesday I think so have a look at the windows.

Victoria xx