Monday, 20 July 2009

More bunting and a stripy armchair!

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself ... having looked forward to a lovely long weekend off work - on Friday I started feeling a bit achy and by Saturday had to spend most of the day in bed with an awful cold. It has been the worst cold that I have had in a long time ... checked the NHS Symptom Checker and it said that I had Swine Flu. Oh No!!!!! I couldn't get through to my GP or NHS Direct and as I wasn't feeling "seriously ill" I just dosed up on flu relief, drank lots of fluid and slept ... slept for most of Sunday too (so missed the Lambeth Country Show which I had been looking forward too and had to miss going to see Harry Potter last night - £20 wasted).

This morning I am feeling much better, still full of cold but not as exhausted as I had felt on Saturday and Sunday (although, haven't actually got up yet!). How are we supposed to tell the difference between normal flu and swine flu when the NHS symptom checker will say that you have S.F with just normal cold symptoms? I think it was probably just a bad cold ...

Mr Plum spent yesterday giving our hallway a new coat of paint - and was a good opportunity to declutter. We will be finally hanging our "Keep Calm" posters which we bought ages and ages ago! It will look lovely!

I have spent this morning sitting in bed and finally getting around to sewing my red bunting for the kitchen onto ribbon ... the poor little triangles have been stuck in my sewing box since the great snow of February!!

I will add pictures of the bunting in situ once we have cleared the kitchen ... it looks like a bomb site at the moment with lots of decorating stuff in there! Apparently, according to my Mother-In-Law it looks like a bomb site most of the time ... charming!

We also bought a new arm chair from Ikea to replace our large Pier Papasan chair (anyone want it?) We bought the stripy covers a week ago and hired a car on Friday to go to the tip and get rid of some junk and took advantage of having transport to pick the chair up ... isn't it lovely?


Florence and Mary said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell to. The NHS websites are a nightmare aren't they saying that any cold/flu sypmtoms are automatically swine flu. Like you mine just seems a bad case of the normal!

I love your red and white bunting!

I was lucky enough to see Harry Potter before I was struck down! It isn't the best film but what a shame you'd already brought your tickets.

Hope you feel better soon,

Victoria xx

Shabby Chick said...

Very nice chair! We have two papasan chairs in the garage, don't know what state they're in by now though! I liked them but they're so huge.

The bunting is lovely, I bet it will look great when it's up :)

My mum in law says things like that too :-S

Mel xxx

smilernpb said...

I hope that you are feeling better.

My parcel has just arrived, I have just e-mailed you - thank you so much for everything. Just in the middle of cooking tea, so I will blog once my little ones' are in bed!

Take care and look after yourself.

Best wishes xx

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

I have the sofas to go with your chair with white denim covers. Im so loving the stripy ones tho might have to talk Mr D into a new set of covers!!!!


Kelly xx