Monday, 22 June 2009

Living the Good Life in Venice!

I have just come back from a wonderful holiday with my family. It was the first time since I left home 8 years ago that I have spent a whole week with my parents and brother - it was lovely!! Of course Mr Plum and my brother's girlfriend were also with us! It was a brilliant holiday!

We stayed in a beautiful apartment in the Dosoduro area of Venice (very close to the church in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ...) - there was a gelato shop opposite - perfect!

The weather was amazing ... we did lots of sightseeing, lazing on the beach, eating gelato, drinking prosecco, watching opera, eating more gelato, pizza and spaghetti ... and generally having a wonderful time!

Venice is such a beautiful city ... and I appreciated this visit so much more than the school trip I went on when I was 14 ...

Here's some pics of me living the good life in Venice (if anyone from Joules is reading ... I would be happy to be a model for Joules - ha ha ha!!) ...

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LissyLou said...

it's so lovely isn't it?? we were there in May xx