Friday, 24 April 2009

An exciting Thursday evening ...

As regular readers will know, I have a NFS (new favourite shop) ... well, not so new now!  Ever since discovering Joules in York last summer, I have become addicted, and I have to admit it, a little bit obsessed with their pretty clothes!  I have the catalogue on my bedside table, the website set as a favourite ... I look forward to the new collection being released ... and eagerly await the sales! (Yes, unfortunately my civil service wage is not enough to support my Joules habit!)

Anyway, yesterday Joules opened a new shop in Wimbledon and sent me a 10% voucher to use. It would have been rude to refuse ...

I dragged a friend up to Wimbledon Village, I think I may have converted her to Joules and had she not been planning to head off to New Zealand on her travels in August, I think that she would have made a purchase or two .....

You will probably remember my wish list .... ever since I saw the Penelope dress, I have wanted it ... the perfect outfit for a May birthday, an afternoon tea with girlfriends, a holiday to Venice ... I MUST HAVE IT - but I am trying to save pennies, and couldn't really justify it. 
However, a 10% voucher makes it a bargain ... so I now have the beautiful dress, and a nice sweatshirt cardie thing to wear camping .... and I also got a basket of veg as I had spent over a certain amount.

How happy was I?  All that, and a glass of fizz and canapes while browsing.  I could hardly contain my excitement!  I love Joules!!!

Hurray! It's Friday ... I hope you are all relaxing and ready for a lovely weekend!  I have escaped work ... and am sitting in the garden with a nice glass of rose, catching up with blogging, reading two days worth of papers (yeah ... apparently I am supposed to be up to date with the media for my job - oops!) and am about to get stuck into "The Bolter" by Frances Osborne - has anyone read this? It's fabulous! 


MaryPoppins said...

The dress is gorgeous well done you for getting it, I bet you look adorable :)

Sounds like you are having a lovely evening

Enjoy your weekend


Vintage Tea said...

I the dress. I have a wedding end of the year Joules might just be the place to look for something fabulous

Victoria xx

Vintage Tea said...

I have the Bolter on my reading list which is ever growing!

Victoria x