Thursday, 20 November 2008

A Splendid Afternoon in London

It has turned into a bit of a tradition.  Every November/December, me & a friend take a half day off work and do something "Splendid" past years we have had cocktails at Claridges, afternoon tea at The Ritz, very posh martini's at "Duke's Bar" .... this year we went to "The Last Debutantes" exhibition at Kensington Palace followed by tea & cake at Fortnum & Mason's and followed by cheese and champagne at the Plum Brewery!

We had a lovely day! I would like to think that if I had turned 17 in 1958, I would have been presented to the Queen, had a wonderful blue dress (as recommended in Tatler) and had a diary FULL of social engagements.  Mr Plum would have been a dashing "Debs Delight" waiting to meet me at some cocktail party, informal luncheon or at home!  

Fortnum & Mason's was decked out in all its Christmas finery ... we had a lovely pot of tea and piece of Victoria Sponge cake ... then headed home (via the M&S 20 % off day!) to consume lovely champagne and cheese.  A lovely day ... unfortunately it is Thursday and tomorrow I have to get up and go to work .... but the "other" me will be out and about in town, going to exhibitions and taking tea in splendid places .....

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Jules said...

I love this idea. Your not the only one who wonders what it would be like to be a deb!