Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Great Idea By Nana Plum: Rainy Day Bags

I don't know about you, but I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I absolutely love it. I spend hours browsing and pinning ... And actually go back to my pins and "do stuff". You can follow me by clicking the link on my blog ... If you want!

One of the things I wanted to do for Miss Plum was to have a "bag" of some kind. Probably home made - and filled with stuff to do. For example, on my day off with her ... If it was rainy and we were stuck inside, I would fill the bag with some fun stuff to do in the rain. If we were heading into London for some sightseeing, I would make sure that my pack of "50 Things To See In London" cards were in the bag.

But, after a wonderful 13 months maternity leave ... I went back to work. 32 hours a week at first, but went back up to full time in January this year (working a compressed working week, so we still have our girlie day together!)... And needless to say, the bag never got made ... And I have piles of random things hanging around the flat to put in it ... Oh dear!

Anyway, I'll eventually get to the point of my post! Today we came to stay with my parents for the bank holiday and my mum had done something absolutely fabulous! The kind of thing that I would have pinned on Pinterest.

We are going to be here for 3 days. So my mum and dad had put together 3 bags. Today the weather was awful, so the bag had a picture of a rain cloud and was filled with colouring, books, paintbrushes and crayons for rainy day fun. Tomorrow the forecast is mixed, so Miss Plum has a bag with fuzzy felt and stickers. For a sunny day she has stuff to go out and about with! I just love this and know that Miss Plum will get so much enjoyment out of it!

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smilernpb said...

Wow, great idea. I love it.