Friday, 8 July 2011

Knitting for Winter Babies

A couple of my friends are expecting babies this Winter so I thought I would start a bit of knitting for them nice and early!

I don't know whether they are expecting boys or girls so had a brainwave! Rather than just stick to blue/pink/yellow/cream, I would use some more of this lovely green yarn and knit a basic layette cap (from my current favourite knitting book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies).

Inspired by my favourite flower fairies I am then planning to add either little green leaves (in felt) around the top of the hat for little boys or pretty pink petals for little girls. Of course, I just have to knit a big one for Baby Plum to wear this winter! 

I'm really pleased with this pattern - so quick and easy to do - even with a chicken poxy baby in tow!

1 comment:

faith76 said...

Hello, Just discovered your blog ,Nice safe choice with the colour hat. Nice to see how they turn out when you add the embellishments.

Leah x