Thursday, 2 December 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

So, here we are ... December 2nd.

Tree's up (but not decorated yet!)

Christmassy fat quarters purchased from Croydon Christmas "Craft" Fair (it was terrible, truly terrible! Not a crafty pretty thing in sight!)

Christmassy books out and cluttering up the coffee table. My Plum is getting a bit annoyed with my random piles of craft stuff which are springing up around our flat. I will tidy them up ... in due course!!

The Christmas Handbook was a present from Father Christmas in 1988! I love the fact that my mum and dad wrote in our books as children ... I have had this book for 22 years! There is even a random dried flower in the front!
Christmas cutters and moulds retrieved from the cupboard. Now I just need to decide what lovely goodies I will make this year!


Julie said...

what great cookie cutters - you've got me thinking i need to extend my very poor range of cookie cutters ready for a big baking afrernoon.
you'll have to post a picture of your tree. [I love christmas trees]
i've managed to get mine up inbetween lots of illness this week. i'll put a piccie on my blog on the weekend.
Have a great day,
Ju xx

emma bear forever said...

Love your fat quarters!!! :0)

I too have my tree up - I'm like a big kid at christmas time. Whilst I put the dec's up I wore my Father Christmas hat x

VintageVicki said...

Must hunt my festive cutters out - have a feeling my youngest will be wanting to bake christmas cookies soon.

Sheila said...

Yay!! How exciting!! I love this time of year, and pulling out all of the old mags and books, i always write in books too, i even get Hubby to write something even after ive unwrapped it if he hasnt done so already!