Friday, 25 June 2010

Afternoon Tea Number Two!

Off I went to The Goring this afternoon for my second afternoon tea of the week!

I met my friend Liz at Victoria Station and we walked round the corner to this little gem! I have never been there before, but my Dad had mentioned it as I think that he knows someone who works there.

As you step into the foyer - it is like stepping back in time. The room where you have afternoon tea is lovely and you can imagine Sherlock Holmes sitting in the bar. And of course, there were the cakes ....

Dainty sandwiches (I had a special plate of veggie/pregnant friendly sandwiches), scones and cakes .... again washed down with plenty of Earl Grey. Lovely. A perfect start to the weekend!

Off to The Cadogan for tea in a couple of weeks! Well ... best get as many teas in as possible while I am on a full time wage (and before the pay freeze and VAT rise!!)


LissyLou said...

2 teas, lucky you xx

Lululiz said...

I think Afternoon Teas are absolutely wonderful, and I wish we still had that lovely tradition in our homes as well. I look at my beautiful romantic tea services and when do they get an outing? Once in a blue moon, seems such a shame. Going to a beautiful hotel for Afternoon Tea is so romantic. I wonder whether you wear a special outfit, a gorgeous dress, a little summer hat, gloves even?

VintageVicki said...

Now that is a proper afternoon tea - you lucky lady :)