Monday, 28 September 2009

A week off work ... and what shall I do?

Good afternoon!!

I am enjoying a lovely week off work ... and having worked eight days in a row last week - I think I deserve it!

Mr Plum is at work, unfortunately as he has a lower leave allowance than me ... so here I am, home alone (well - with two crazy kittens!) and a list of projects as long as my arm to do!! :) Where to begin ....

I realise that I promised you a giveaway back in August ... I didn't get very many comments on my blog, which was a little disappointing - but nevermind! Today I have finally got around to picking a winner!!! With a little help from Miss Pansy Plum .... more of that later!

So - what will I be getting up to this week? This morning we had our boiler serviced and had hoped to get our gas fire finally fitted - but that is going to prove to be more difficult and expensive that we first thought ... great.

I have just baked my first sponge cake for a cake competition at work ... and have enjoyed a lovely poached egg with mushrooms on toast for my lunch. I will probably pop out for a quick swim in an hour or so ....

Tonight me and Mr Plum are off to a special gig by Ian Brown - Mr Plum won the tickets and is very excited!! I last saw Ian Brown at Reading 1997 when he was still with the Stone Roses ... he actually stropped off stage in true rock star style mid set! I hope he doesn't do the same tonight!

I am planning to do a fair bit of tidying and sorting, a huge amount of knitting ... something cultural in town and just generally relaxing!

Okay ... on to the giveaway!!!!!

My five commenters ....

Here they are lined up on the sofa .... I wonder if there is a willing kitten who will help me pick the winner???

Of course there is!! Thank you Pansy ... and the winner is ...


Well done and thanks for reading my blog!


Greedy Nan said...

How lovely to be selected by a cat! They know you know. And a black one at that. Thank you very much. I'll look forward to Mr Postman arriving and blog about his delivery.

Kelly said...

Congratulations Greedy Nan!
Enjoy your week off with the crazy kittens!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Florence and Mary said...

Oh poached eggs are my favourite!

Victoria xx

re said...

Pansy was such a delightful little "drawer"!

vanessa said...

Oh I do love the idea of your kitten choosing the winner! Wonderful! I'm just sorry my name wasn't in the list, ever so sorry about that. Lucky greedy nan.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)