Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

I've made every effort to get to work ... but with the entire London rail and bus network being suspended - there's not an awful lot I can do, apart from walk ... and I don't fancy a 3 hour trek in the snow ... on my own ... Mr Plum works locally, so has dressed up like an eskimo and has started his trek to his office - knowing the people he works with, he will be the only one there!

Here's some more pictures of our snowy garden ... some were taken by Mr Plum last night with his posho camera ... the other ones were taken by me, with my little digi camera!

Isn't it ridiculous that a bit of snow can cause London to grind to a complete standstill?

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Vintage Tea said...

Aren't snow days great... guilt free extra days off work!!!

My friend managed to get into work by train locally and is now stranded as the lines have shut down, the poor thing is having to walk!

Of course I'm not praying for snow this evening to prevent going into work tomorrow ;o) how dare you suggest such a thing!! LOL!!

Victoria xx